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A former Lloyds Bank building at 377 Eastern Avenue, Gants Hill, Ilford, has been undergoing an extensive renovation process. Soon to be the home of Parkview City, this project is handled by Kompas London, a construction company known for their thorough work and high-quality results.

Kompas London has been working on several areas throughout the building, from the basement to the third floor, carefully modernising and updating its features.

Starting in the basement, old pipe work and structures were cleared out to make way for new wall and ceiling plasterboards, which were then attached to battens and skimmed to ensure a clean, neat finish. A new washroom was put in, featuring tiled walls and flooring, as well as an exhaust fan. The basement floor was completely tiled and four new doors were added. The existing staircase was also updated, with the old railing replaced with a new glass one.

The ground floor saw similar changes. The ceiling was lowered with the help of 6x2 timber, and plasterboards were put in, then skimmed. The walls also got a makeover, with new battens and plasterboards installed before skimming. Two steel installations were made as per structural drawings. The entire floor was tiled and new radiators were fitted every three meters. The staircase railing was also replaced with a new glass one, mirroring the update made in the basement.

Up on the first floor, the ceiling was again lowered with 6x2 timber, with plasterboards installed and then skimmed. The floor was tiled and new doors were fitted throughout. Radiators were installed every three meters, and a new washroom was added. This floor also saw the construction of a new kitchen, a practical and welcome addition.

The second and third floors saw an identical approach to the first floor, with the installation of a lowered ceiling, new plasterboards, and floor tiles. New radiators and doors were installed along with a new washroom.

In addition to these structural changes, there were also improvements made to the building's plumbing and electrical systems. Two new Valliant boilers and a mega flow system were installed. The building was also completely rewired, with a new consumer unit put in, along with sockets and ceiling spotlights.

In short, the renovation at 377 Eastern Avenue, carried out by Kompas London, is a comprehensive one, covering all areas of the building and modernising it for its new role as the premises of Parkview City. This project showcases the reliable, quality-driven approach that Kompas London brings to the construction industry.

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