Today houses are being built and designed to match 21st century requirements like energy conservation and carbon footprint reduction.  Kompas London has extensive expertise in the development of environmentally friendly, contemporary new houses.

Our services are personalised and tailored to our building customers' individual needs as well as their specific site conditions. We can assist with fresh construction design or work from an existing design. Our building expertise can project-manage new buildings and produce the anticipated outcomes swiftly and effectively using high-quality materials. We have all trades at our disposal and may assist on construction sites or take on the entire new construction project.

What are the advantages of new builds?

Higher Standards

Because of contemporary building regulations and materials, new homes are often built to a considerably higher standard than older buildings.

Low Maintenance

New builds are low maintenance houses and will not require refurbishment or repairs for many years. The majority come with a 10-year building guarantee.

Increased Value

Because of all the advantages that come with new builds, they have a higher market worth. If you decide to sell your house in a few years, the value of your new home will be higher than the value of an older property of equivalent size.


When you purchase a pre-built home, you are bound by the prior owner's decisions. With a new build, you get to pick your own features and fixtures. You have a blank canvas to accomplish whatever you want with a new build.

Low-Energy Bills

New builds employ double glazing and other contemporary insulation technologies to make the structure more energy efficient than older residences of similar size, resulting in lower energy costs.

Newer Innovations

The newest innovations and technology are used in new build residences. Your new house will be constructed using the most current industry best practises.

Our design and construction package is appropriate for all types of residential structures, including big residential units, student housing, nursing homes, etc.

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